Bhakunde Overview

Bhakunde is one of the tourism place in Nepal.It is located at Baglung district in western Nepal.It joins with district headquarter on northern side.Other neighbouring VDC(Village Development Committee) are Tityang on west,Rayadada on south,Payupata on South east and Parbat district on eastern side separated by Kaligandaki river.
It lies from 600m to 1600m
Area: 1662.31 Hectar
Fertile area:950 Hectar
Area of orange farm:20 Hectar
Area of vegetable farm:15 Hectar
Population:(Acc. to census of BS 2058)
Male 1816 (45.037%)
Female 2217 (54.97%)
Farming 29%
Tourism 8%
Army 51%
Civil service 9%
Others 3%
Literate people: 68%
Main Tourism Area:
  • Baraha Lake
  • Saure dada
  • Mulabari
  • Bhanjyang
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Current Educational Institute in Bhakunde

At current time 9 educational institute are serving Bhakunde resident in educational field,Out of them one is Higher secondary,one is lower secondary,6 primary and one private boarding School.
The list of educational Institute:
  1. Shree Bhairab Higher Secondary School
  2. Shree Chautare dada lower Secondary School
  3. Shree Shivalaya primary School
  4. Shree Machhapuchhre Primary School
  5. Shree Saraswati primary School
  6. Shree Janata Primary School
  7. Shree Dhadkharak primary school
  8. Shree Baraha Primary School
  9. Shree Capital English Boarding School
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Education In Bhakunde

Education is third eye of human life.The demand of well skilled and well motivated manpower is maximum and increased on global market. The scientific education only can produce such competitive manpower on the century of competition.Education touches the every aspect of human life.On this time of developing skilled and well educated manpower,how the Bhakunde is being forwarded and what the current position of education in Bhakunde is?
Bhakunde is one of the neighbour VDC of district headquarter.Though of its neighbouring with Baglung Bazzar the percentage of literate people is low.Relatively the percentage of literacy is fewer even than that of another neighbouring VDC which are farther from Baglung Bazar.At the due course of time the literacy rate is gradually increased.The trend to be army and to make foreign destination as career spot can be take as main cause of low literate percentage which in turn depend upon the economic status.Maximum residence of backward tribe,Lack of social awareness,inability to change old stereotype,inability to mark the importance of education can also be taken as remarkable point which cause social backwardness.
1955,Feb,22 (2011,Phagun,11) is the historical date on the field of education for Bhakunde,Being the date of establishment of the first school in Bhakunde as Bhairab primary school (Currently Bhairab higher Secondary School).At present time 9 education Institute are providing the light of education,out of them one is higher secondary school,one is lower secondary school,6 primary school and one is Private Boarding school.
Though the existence of such number of educational institute the percentage of black word people is still high.At present time various governmental programme like Praud Shiksha is being conducted to introduce the black world people to the education.
At present time social awareness about education is increased rapidly along with entrance of various governmental and non governmental programme.
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Baraha Tal in Bhakunde

Bhakunde VDC is full of the natural cultural & geographical beauty on the list of which Baraha Tal is one. Baraha Tal is located at Bhakunde VDC-7,Daha.About 4 Ropani land is covered by it.There is the water origin on southern & exit on northern side.By means of this source large area is irrigated below it. In the middle of the lake ,there is land outgrowth,on which some mature tree are erected,on the western side there is roofless temple known as Baraha temple surrounded bBaraha lake in Bhakundey wall.
It is hard to guess from when this lake is exist.According to local people,there is common believe that many years ago the lake was aroused by the declination of the fertile field on rainy season.From this disaster a custom of worshipping Baraha was established,which is still exist.
From the Baglung Bazzar anyone can access to this lake by walking or by vehicle at one hour. This lake can be taken as a best view point of the Himalayan range like Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Nilgiri, Machhapuchhre.Beauty of the small Baglung bazzar on the junction of Kaligandaki river & Kathe Khola can be viewed from this Baraha lake.
At present time a historical & cultural fare is organized annually at Manshir Purnima,which is popular even around the lake.Actual depth of the lake haven't measured yet.
Various attempt was made for the conservation of the lake,But still due to the lack of strong publicity such a high tourism potential point is bound on local level.
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